‘[rec],’ day two. [halloween moviefest, 2010.]

What would a series of scary[ish] movies, or life itself, be without some zombies?

The second movie we watched was our first new film, the 2007 Spanish zombie film, [REC]. Like Let The Right One In, this film was eventually given the Americanization treatment when it was made into the 2008 film Quarantine.

The film follows news magazine show host Angela, and her cameraman Pablo, as they follow firefighters on a call to help an elderly woman who is locked in her apartment. The film is seen entirely from the point of view of Pablo’s camera, which is used to good effect throughout the film. Obviously, there is more to this call than it originally appears, and it doesn’t take long for all gory hell to break loose.

The zombies in this movie were the 28 Days Later kind, not the Night of the Living Dead kind, with a little Exorcist thrown in for good measure. Since I am one of the seemingly few zombie fans who has no problem with fast zombies (they can be just as scientifically viable), the fast zombies weren’t a problem for me.

The film uses its concept to good effect, creating a tense, claustrophobic feeling throughout the film. The film is also really short, clocking in at only 78 minutes, which in one sense was disappointing, but in another sense, it was nice that they didn’t try to overstretch and ruin the whole thing.

Other than that, it was pretty straightforward. Nothing profound or groundbreaking, but more than worth the time to watch. It was definitely a fun movie-watching experience, especially with friends.

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  1. towardeverywind

    I really liked this one … like you said, nothing groundbreaking, but entertaining and tense. Though, i will say if you are someone who struggles with motion sickness, this movie may cause it to flare up.

    • Does that mean you felt some motion sickness?

      I got really nauseas during ‘Cloverfield,’ but since they had the whole stabilizer/professional cameraman thing going for them in ‘[REC]’ I didn’t feel it. I think it was the lack of bouncing up and down.

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