girl talk.

We went to see Girl Talk in concert last night. It was amazing. Non-stop dancing in a mass of sweaty people, complete with confetti, balloons, and other party favors. I realized after the show that I had completely stopped paying attention to my body, and if the show had gone on for another 30 minutes or so, like I wanted it to, I would have passed out from dehydration.

It was so different from the normal concert experience. There was no shoving, no tempers, no attitudes about who gets closer to the stage… on the floor it was just a venue of people dancing, jumping, and being sexy (and REALLY sweaty) together. And yes, Gregg looked exactly like he does in the picture above at the show: no shirt, lots of sweat spraying hair, and more than enough crowd riling energy to spare. I wish every night was a Girl Talk night.

Life is better when there’s dancing.

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  1. Girl Talk was awesome! I know it was our first concert of 2011, but it is probably the most dancing I’ll do this year at a show.

  2. missing this show will rank up there with the biggest regrets of my life … next time he comes through seattle, or wherever i happen to be, imma say right now, if i have to give 5 blowjobs for a ticket. i will.

    • It sucks, because you easily could have made it to this one. You were off work in plenty of time. Why did you decide to skip it?

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