try, fail, try again.

This was a really weird year. So much transition, so many things to distract me and keep me over-occupied, and way too much procrastinating and whatnot on my part.

I need to be writing again.

I am finally no longer working 7 days a week (at least for the moment) and I need to be writing every single day again. Something’s been holding me back, but it is time to get my shit together and get back after it. I like writing in lots of different ways, and while I am always at war with myself over Roused to Mediocrity (because let’s be honest, no one reads it) but I miss Roused. I miss sharing things I love, writing my way down random cultural rabbit holes, and raving about things that seem unappreciated… just in case anyone stops by to see it. I can’t do the full “Lists of 2013” because I simply missed too much this year culturally, but I am going to do a few installments of abbreviated lists in some form.

We’ll see how it goes.


4 Responses to “ try, fail, try again. ”

  1. I read it! Now is the time of year that I start thinking about changes as a new year approaches. It’s so easy to be complacent. Keep writing! Take care!

  2. You’re right, nobody reads it. Wait I think I just did.

  3. Some of us read it

  4. Brian duncan

    I must be a nobody ( and proud of it) cause I read it all the time and missed it ! God bless and keep writing whenever you can

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