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the brooklyn nets.

ESPN and Gov. Christie sure are making a big deal about the Nets moving to Brooklyn, wondering if their fans will still support them. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t.

I get why Christie would be upset, because it’s revenue for the state. Beyond that, what’s the big deal? The current arena is in the middle of nothing, there isn’t a thriving small business economy that will be left in the dust around the arena, the only thing immediately near the arena is parking lot, Giants Stadium, and landfill.

And for fans, the team is literally moving across a river, that’s it. Only the arbitrary reality that it happens to be another state makes this even a story. It’s the same fan base, this just makes it bigger. This isn’t a move from Ebbets Field to Los Angeles, or Seattle to OKC. This is just a bridge ride away. The Giants and Jets play in New Jersey, do NY fans reject the team because they have to cross state lines to see a game?

If the team was moving hours away, I would understand some sort of outcry. But this move? I don’t get why anyone would be upset. It’s not even like they are moving from southern New Jersey to NYC. Teams have made bigger moves to find better areas for their arena, but since they didn’t change states there was no talk of the fan base jumping ship. If people don’t care about the Nets its because they still suck, not because they are leaving New Jersey.


cabin in the woods.

Cabin in the Woods is a really good time. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but it’s a smart, original, scary, hilarious, crazy fun deconstruction of the genre.

Joss Whedon, I love you.

Also, Cabin in the Woods and this week’s Parks and Rec got me a much needed Bradley Whitford fix. It’s been too long, my friend.


reunited, and it feels so good.

File under the category of ‘Reunions That Never Would Have Crossed My Mind’:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently casting for his directorial debut. The most recent cast member to be confirmed is none other than Tony Danza, who will play JGL’s dad. Danza last teamed with JGL in the indie film powerhouse Disney movie, Angels in the Outfield. 

In other important movie news, Catching Fire finally has a director.



the killing.

I finally finished the first season of The Killing, just another of the many great shows I am woefully behind on. Now I’m just a little late in watching this season’s episodes. I’m hoping the second, and final, season will be as good as the first.

Sure, the first season did get a little Law & Order: SVU at the end, but it was so tightly written and acted that I didn’t really care.