phoebe bridgers is the hero i need right now, or, check out these phoebe bridgers videos

I’ve been running around in circles, 
     pretending to be myself 
          why would somebody do this on purpose, 
               when they could do something else?

drowning out the morning birds,
     with the same three songs over and over
          I wish I wrote it,
               but I didn’t,
                    so I learn the words, 
                         hum along ‘til the feeling’s gone forever
took a tour to see the stars, 
     but they weren’t out tonight, 
          so I wished hard on a Chinese satellite
I want to believe,
     instead I look at the sky and I feel nothing

          you know I hate to be alone, 
               I want to be wrong

Phoebe Bridgers – “Chinese Satellite”


I’m pretty sure everyone is already in love with Phoebe Bridgers, right? So there’s no reason for me to wax on about how brilliant she is? And I’d be preaching to the choir if I raved about her sophomore album, Punisher, going on and on about how perfect it is in every aspect and facet, right? Right?!


But Punisher also means something specific and personal for me right now, playing no small part in my attempts to take care of myself in the midst of a particularly rough stretch of depression.

I know unguarded conversations with friends are vital right now; but I’m crushed by a two headed monster, birthed from the unholy union of my preexisting reluctance to weigh other people down, with the fact that I’m limited to video calls as my only means of conversation – the artificiality and distance of which make it impossible for me to feel genuinely connected with those on the other end.

But art is conversation, too. When I listen to an artist as she reveals the sore and broken and anxious places in her heart, it sneaks a little light into the darker corners of mine, and some fresh air into the spaces that feel suffocating.

It certainly doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t magically make depression go away. But it helps me feel a little less alone, and adds color to what is otherwise a palette of grays.

Even under the “best” circumstances, it’s not uncommon that an album helps me survive moments like this. This time around, it’s Punisher.

In that vein, I’ve been doing a bit of a Phoebe Bridgers YouTube deep dive, so I figured I’d share some wealth from my journey down the rabbit hole with you. Here are three short, very recent videos you should absolutely watch!


First, her installment of the New York Times series, Diary of a Song, for ‘Kyoto.’



Then, two songs from the new 50 on 50 series, in which she performs for an audience of 50 people at the LA Coliseum. They were recorded back in March before we’d realized the world was ending.



2 Responses to “ phoebe bridgers is the hero i need right now, or, check out these phoebe bridgers videos ”

  1. brian duncan

    Always liked your posts and especially your taste in music, with my history of isms alcohol, drugs , my disease would always tell me the same thing friends don’t want or need to hear about your issues ! Fact is friends do! Most want to help or know sometimes we just need to vent , when I do there’s a weight lifted , early in recovery was told the weight is cut in half by sharing. I’ve found this to be true , sometimes I’d just listen to some awesome music
    U-2 and Bono always seem like telling my story , one time I was struggling over some issue and u-2 came on radio and the bearded that hit me between the eyes was ( your wheels are turning but your upside down ) music has always helped when I was stuck in my own head . Hang in there and I’m only phone call away .

    • It’s always hard when your brain lies to you all the time, and yet even when I know it’s lying it’s still hard not to listen. – But I agree that music always helps so much! U2 has definitely been there for me in the past as well.