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david ehrlic’s favorite 25 films of 2015.

David Ehrlic’s annual video list of his favorite 25 films is becoming quite the exciting tradition. He’s great because his lists are provocative and eclectic, always bound to incite conversation or argument.

Our lists of favorite films always say more about ourselves than they do about the actual movies, and it is fun to see one cinephile edit his list together in an awesome video. I love the various yearly movie montages that pop up everywhere, and Ehrlic’s are always a cut above.

Also, this video was yet another reminder of how bad I’ve been at watching this year’s films.

Watch this! It begins with a larger montage of 2015 in general, and then gets on to the actual countdown.

THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2015: A VIDEO COUNTDOWN from david Ehrlich on Vimeo.


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