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and i will wait… [2013 movies i’m most excited for, part 2a.]

Friends, it has been a long time. Where do I even begin? Now that I FINALLY finished graduate school everything is in transition. What on earth should I do with the rest of my life? Much to think on.

First, I might as well start sharing awesome shit on Roused again, no?

Emily and I went to see Pacific Rim last week (which for all its many flaws was still really fun and uncommonly badass). With each new movie poster we passed, Emily asked me what the film was about and if I had heard anything about it. I realized that without RtM my own wife hadn’t seen all the trailers I normally share. It’s a travesty. So, if for no other reason than to share them with Emily, and of course because I promised to make this post back in January, here are the second half movies I am most excited about. Clearly, omitting most of July because it is already behind us. It’s a massive content dump for you to pick and choose those that interest you. To try and make up for lost time, I am going to share a ton of films. That being the case, I’m going to split it up into two posts.

P.S. – For obvious reasons, I haven’t done the usual scouring of the interwebs for new movie info, which means this list is far less knowledgable than those of the past. I’m 100% positive I am missing some great ones. For that reason, PLEASE send along recommendations. FEED ME!

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