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the best film retrospective supercut of the year, every year.

Every December, film critic David Ehrlic picks his 25 favorite movies of the year. Nothing special there, as most critics do that sort of thing. It’s what comes next that makes Ehrlic’s end of year list more exciting. He edits together a brilliant supercut celebrating the films he’s selected — and a bit of the year in film overall. It’s one of my favorite end of year events.

I love lists like this in general. Whether in movies, music, books, comics, whatever. I get to learn about stuff I would have missed, I get to see things I already love in a new light, or reevaluate something I disliked. Ehrlic isn’t shitting on stuff he hates, there’s no diatribe against the films he thinks are a waste of time, or ‘not cinema,’ or whatever. He’s simply celebrating the beauty of the films that mattered most to him throughout the year.

Each time, he includes films I absolutely loved, films that wouldn’t end up anywhere near my top 25, films I know I’ll probably love but haven’t gotten around to seeing yet, and hidden gems I didn’t even know existed, but now want to see as soon as possible (I’m looking at you Diamantino).

His supercuts are a celebration of the power of film in all its beauty and diversity. So many people make similar end of year videos, but Ehrlic is the master of the form.

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