and i will wait… [2013 movies i’m most excited for, part 2a.]

Friends, it has been a long time. Where do I even begin? Now that I FINALLY finished graduate school everything is in transition. What on earth should I do with the rest of my life? Much to think on.

First, I might as well start sharing awesome shit on Roused again, no?

Emily and I went to see Pacific Rim last week (which for all its many flaws was still really fun and uncommonly badass). With each new movie poster we passed, Emily asked me what the film was about and if I had heard anything about it. I realized that without RtM my own wife hadn’t seen all the trailers I normally share. It’s a travesty. So, if for no other reason than to share them with Emily, and of course because I promised to make this post back in January, here are the second half movies I am most excited about. Clearly, omitting most of July because it is already behind us. It’s a massive content dump for you to pick and choose those that interest you. To try and make up for lost time, I am going to share a ton of films. That being the case, I’m going to split it up into two posts.

P.S. – For obvious reasons, I haven’t done the usual scouring of the interwebs for new movie info, which means this list is far less knowledgable than those of the past. I’m 100% positive I am missing some great ones. For that reason, PLEASE send along recommendations. FEED ME!

Check it all out after the jump.


1. The Wolverine – July 26


Okay, this is a risky film to be excited about. Even though my excitement is tepid, I still might be disappointed, because X-Men Origins: Wolverine was so remarkably bad. If you don’t already know about them, ask me some time about the sorts of things that led to that film becoming the massive clusterfuck it became in its final form. Long story short, FOX sucks. Not news to geeks and nerds the world over.

Anyway, there is a solid chance this movie will deserve the famous review from This is Spinal Tap: “The review you had on Shark Sandwich, which was merely a two word review, just said: ‘Shit Sandwich.'” For now, I will hold a small modicum of hope that the great example set by X-Men: First Class will lead to better storytelling and more satisfying action this time around. If not, I’ll just go watch This is Spinal Tap to cleanse my palette. Seriously though, making that reference really has me wanting to watch Spinal Tap… who’s with me?!?


2. The To-Do List – July 26


I am intrigued by this movie for two primary reasons:

  1. Aubrey Plaza
  2. Donald Glover

Hopefully Donald is in this enough to make up for breaking my heart by lowering his commitment to Community next season to a mere five episodes.


3. Blue Jasmine – July 26


Wow, that’s three movies and we haven’t even left July 26th!

Basically, if Woody Allen builds it, movie nerds like me will come. That cast is nothing to sneeze at either. Early reviews are strong.


4. 2 Guns – August 2nd

So, bad title that sounds like it is trying to be a lame emcee name aside, I kinda wanna go see this. Actually, I definitely want to see this. From the trailer, it’s clear the leads have good chemistry, and that goes a long way in this sort of summer fare. I love a fun summer action movie, but most action movies are too mindless and poorly executed for me to have any fun watching them, this one looks like more fun.


5. Elysium – August 9th


Everything about this movie makes me want to see it. Damon and Sharlito Copley facing off, Niell Blomkamp’s sophomore feature film, and some awesome sci-fi action with a bent toward real life social issues. Yes, please!


6. Blood – August 9th 


In the midst of all the big summery action, you need some counter-programming. This small, tense thriller/morality tale looks like just what the doctor ordered. The cast alone is enough reason to see this one, especially if it marks a return to form for Paul Bettany, a guy who has the chops but consistently makes terrible movie decisions.


7. Prince Avalanche – August 9th


More counter-programming, a quirky indie film that has been well-received so far at several festivals.


8. Kick-Ass 2 – August 16th


If it is even half as fun as the first one, I’ll be happy. This brand new extended NSFW trailer gives the appearance I have nothing to worry about.


9. The World’s End – August 23rd


At long last, the final installment in the ‘Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy.’ The bad news: we never again get another ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ film. The good news: It will hopefully free up Edgar Wright to finally do Ant-Man for Marvel Studios.


10. Drinking Buddies – August 23rd 


I love this cast so much, I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.


11. Touchy Feely – September 6th

_1371235234If Lynn Shelton directs something, I’m in. This one looks like another solid effort.


12. Rush – September 20th


Ron Howard used to be automatic, everything he directed was gold. In recent years, he has become really erratic, with one solid film (Frost/Nixon) amongst lots of garbage (the Dan Brown adaptations as well as The Dilemma, which actually looked so awful I didn’t even see it).

This film, in Howard’s wheelhouse because of its engaging real life story, will hopefully mark a return to form for Howard.


13. Don Jon – September 27th


JGL is taking over the world, this is just another step in the process. Critical love, adoring fans, swooning ladies. He is talented, makes solid role choices again and again (with the notable exception of Premium Rush), and now has entered the world of writing and directing, with rave reviews so far. Like I said… taking over the world. It will be fun when we get to the point where JGL, Ryan Gosling, and Idris Elba have to fight it out for global supremacy.


14. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – September 27th


Back in ’09, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs surprised as a genuinely solid comedy. I’m worried the sequel is going to go the way so many sequels do and be godawful. Here’s to hoping it’s as funny as the original!


15. Gravity – October 4th

This was literally the last thing I posted about on RtM, thus I don’t really need to share stuff again.


16. The Fifth Estate – October 11th


A WikiLeaks movie in which Benedict Cumberbatch looks as creepy as hell as Julian Assange.


17. Carrie – October 18th


Obviously, this one was pushed back from an original release date earlier this year.

Supposedly, this is an adaptation of the novel more than a straight remake of the previous adaptation that is now a classic. If handled correctly, it could be really good. Or not.


Tune in later for the next 17.