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the return of five things, again.

For the uninitiated, ‘Five Things’ is a post where I share five things I have been enjoying lately. At the moment, it isn’t returning as a weekly post like it used to be.

However, we will be using it from time to time here on RtM when we want to share multiple awesome things with you at once, but don’t have time to write a post on each thing individually.

Today’s five things are albums I have been enjoying non-stop lately. There is most certainly a possibility one of us may write about any of these CDs at length in the future. For now, you should check out these albums!


1. The National – High Violet


2. Josh Ritter – So Runs the World Away


3. The Antlers – Hospice


4. The New Pornographers – Together


5. The Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

The end
The end

i love jónsi.

I’m not entirely sure what planet Jónsi is from, but I want to go to there.

Embedding is disabled, so another click awaits if you want to watch the video.

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