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the neglected. [the many lists of 2011.]

Every year, I post the movies I should have watched, but didn’t. For one reason or another, I just missed these ones. It’s really just my way of making a list of movies I missed so that I remember to check them out soon. This year, I helped myself out by checking out a bunch of ‘Best of 2011’ lists to find some gems I missed altogether.

Here are 20 movies I should have watched this year. As always, in no particular order. Please add to the list, or tell me what you thought of movies I put on the list that you’ve already seen. Please. Pretty please. Someone comment!!

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freestyle: mos def vs. lil' wayne. [hot spit.]

I’ll probably write a whole post about this soon, but for now, in the words Zach Galifianakis wrote for Natalie Portman, “I’ve got something I need to get off my chest.”

lil’ Wayne is NOT talented. You like dancing to his music, fine, that’s cool, but that’s a producer, not lil’ Wayne. I may dedicate my life to proving this. Normally, I’m not a guy who likes to hate on stuff in print. Yet, I’m just tired of people fawning over lil’ Wayne, calling him buuuulllshit like “best rapper ever,” when guys like Mos Def can write and freestyle circles around him. Have you heard The Ecstatic?!?! Not only does Mos actually speak of love, unity and faith while Wayne raps about nothing but crime, money and sex, but the Boogie Man sounds great doing it, while Weezie sounds like a drunk, self-conscious 12 year old trying to impress his big brother.

So, here is some freestyling from the gentlemen in question:

There are definitely a few clever turns of phrase in there, unfortunately they are separated by huge portions of inane nonsense that doesn’t actually mean anything.

It is normal to take breaks between thoughts, that is when you clutch. Clutching is when you use common rhyming schemes and patterns to fill space while you enter your next flow so you can keep freestyling without awkward gaps. Weezy seems completely unable to clutch, he also doesn’t have any extended flows but merely isolated phrases. The result is… annoying.

Now, time for one of the best freestyling emcees on the planet. Mos Def is a poet. Period.

Not really any clutching there either, but that’s because his brain seems to work really fucking fast and he doesn’t need to.

And, in case you thought Mos can’t do it every time:

Or, if you prefer stuff they actually wrote down:

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