backward design.

Sadly, I had to revert to one of my previous themes here for the time being. I really enjoyed the most recent theme, but couldn’t figure out why the hell it didn’t work for mobile. Then I discovered the reason: you have to buy the $49 pro version to get the mobile functionality. That’s too rich for my blood.

Conflicted though I often am about my writing, I still love Roused. Yet it doesn’t make me money, which makes it hard to spend money on it. Maybe I’ll change my mind about that eventually. It is a bit odd, since if I never wanted writing to be anything but a hobby or pastime I wouldn’t think twice about spending $50, I spend that on entertainment regularly. Instead, writing isn’t just a hobby or pastime, but something I’d like to figure out how to make a living at eventually, and thus it makes it harder to spend money on it that doesn’t directly move me towards a return. That’s probably backwards, but I just started thinking it through.

In the meantime, while I see if I can find a free or cheap theme that doesn’t look overwhelmingly free or cheap, it’s back to an older theme.