mission accomplished.

I made it, 28 posts in 28 days. Well, actually, 27 posts with one being twice as long to make up for the missing day. Still, this challenge with Wes did exactly what it was intended to do, getting me to post with renewed consistency and momentum and reminding me that most days when I feel like I can’t write I actually can. In a time where I was soul searching a bit concerning writing, this gave me the context to see how I actually felt when I was writing with consistency. It didn’t give me any big picture answers, but it reminded me that I really do love writing, even in the times I’m not amazing at it. Hopefully, now that I won’t need to post something every single day here the quality will rise a bit in the future, what with me being able to spend a few days writing some posts instead of having no choice but to throw it up half-cocked. My hope is to post something more in the realm of three or four times a week, although probably less some times when my energy is being directed toward fiction writing.

So, here’s to the future. To baby steps and discipline, to doing the work every single day, because when you do mediocre and shitty work every day, that’s when moments of inspiration and quality can break through. Here’s to letting go of excuses because I see now that they are normally bullshit.

I’m tired of letting the fact that I’m usually afraid and down on myself to ruin any chance I have of being something more than I am now. And so, it’s time to risk failure because at least part of my brain can believe that failure isn’t as final as it feels, but is merely part of what it means to try again after every defeat. Learning something, growing, and putting in the work again is really hard, but it’s also the only way I’m ever going to get anything I want out of life, and while I would never throw my lot in with those fucking YOLO idiots, they are right that I only get to live one time, ever. Time to carpe some diems.

2 Responses to “ mission accomplished. ”

  1. Congrats! It’s been a rad month. You deserve this poster: https://seanwes.com/product/show-up-poster/