high-rise. [trailer park]

I’ve had several people, most importantly my wife, tell me that they formerly relied on me for their trailer exposure and are now missing out without RtM. I don’t post trailers much anymore because I was wildly inconsistent and it misrepresented which trailers I liked most, because I’d share one when I saw it and found it interesting, but then never get around to posting one I was way more excited about. It’s basically a metaphor for this entire blog, where I write and share less than I’d like just because I’m less consistent (a wild understatement) than I want to be and irrationally care about what that says concerning each shared artifact’s significance to me. I should just ignore that and share stuff when I have the time.

High-Rise is second on my ‘to read’ shelf right now. I’ve been interested in this film for a while, reading about it on movie news sites, and this trailer only increases that interest.