chance the rapper. [a month of happy.]

Chance the Rapper — aka Lil Chano from 79th, aka Chancellor Johnathan Bennett — may just be the epitome of the ‘month of happy’ converted into human form.

I mean, has anyone seen any definitive scientific proof that Chance the Rapper isn’t happiness personified?

The guy is fucking delightful.

A self-proclaimed man-child, he is infectiously joyful. I have to assume he’s that guy at the party who gets everyone dancing and smiling, but without being annoying about it.

Seriously, what’s not to love. He gives away all of his music, donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools because politicians were being dicks about it, regularly talks adoringly in interviews about his dad and his daughter, and loves Kanye while also revealing that the stuff ‘Ye says in private is even crazier than what he says in public, which is hilarious.

I love Chance the Rapper. Everyone should. I genuinely think he may become president someday.

Exhibit A, just watch one of his adorable Kit Kat commericals.


Exhibit B, his awesome single-take music video for Sunday Candy, a song about his grandma.