green lanterns, light.

Harry Knowles shared this video over on Ain’t It Cool News, and I wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you.

Maybe I don’t talk about it enough on this blog, but in my day to day life I talk quite often about how much I wish there were more curiosity and childlike wonder in the world. If we could just let go of some of our cynicism and anger and feel wonder and humility… well, I honestly believe that can change the world.

This little kid epitomizes that wonder. He is awesome. I want to be more like him.

Also, props to Ryan Reynolds for being so great in his response.

Harry said it best, so I am going to leave it to him.

“Being a little Boy can be a magnificent thing at a place like this. Yoko and I tear up telling the story of what happens in this video because THIS IS PURE. This is the best thing that can happen. Where a little boy can meet his hero and ask him that burning question that he has in his soul. That question that forces him to get up in a room of thousands, to fight his way in line, to reach the microphone and…”

3 Responses to “ green lanterns, light. ”

  1. I have found that spending time with children is often emotionally refreshing. While it is quite common to hear mothers describe the hum drummery of motherhood (and I am certainly not excused from this behavior), the moments of novelty I am fortunate to experience with my 18 month old son each day add more richness to my life than anything that I could ever miss from pre-motherhood. We can spend half an hour together touching the different pieces on a large wheel of a parked delivery truck, and talking about all of the different textures and movements. He recently bent down to take a sip from my iced tea, and I realized it would be the first time, in his entire lifetime, he would be drinking iced tea. There was something almost overwhelming about watching his expressions change, and gauging how he felt about the new drink. Negative connotations of the phrasing aside, we should live through our children – attempting, despite fatigue and/or perceived roles of maturity, to experience with them the richness of life.

    • Yes! Exactly! Thanks for the comment.

      It makes me think of the Ray Romano stand-up bit where he is driving and his daughter is staring out the window lost in deep thought. He is curious what she could be thinking so contently about, so he asks. Her response “Candy.”

      I hope I can learn to be delighted by the simple things, and to live like the world is still full of mysteries waiting to be discovered and reveled at, because it is.

      Also, if you are who I think you are based on Facebook/Nathan, and your son is that little blonde kid who is at Fiore all the time, he is freaking insanely adorable. If not, I am sure you son is adorable anyway.

  2. Aw how stinking cute made me just about cry and reminded me of another little boy about that age when he meet his heros the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles in person