nathan fillion. [photogenic.]

He’s known and loved by many names; Nathan Fillion, Malcolm Reynolds, Captain Hammer, Rick Castle, the list goes on. Thus it is probably simpler to call him by his proper name = most likable guy ever.

Also, Castle is back for its third season tonight. I didn’t expect to love this show… but I do. I love it. There, I said it, I’m out of the Castle closet.

4 Responses to “ nathan fillion. [photogenic.] ”

  1. Sorry Scott, I was out of the country or otherwise I would have supported your crush on this show. I am a fan myself. I am not really sure why I like it so much but it generally keeps me up until 11PM EST on Monday nights. I really enjoy the quirky nature of the show and they both do such a good job a creating that tension between men and women. So, shout out to you!

    • Nice! I’m glad I’m not the only one in the fan club. Go Team Castle! Crap, I just realized that Twilight has forever murdered the use of the phrase Team “Anything.”

  2. Cathy Du Plessis

    I agree with the others. I am in South Africa and try my best never to miss Castle. It is a great show and a very handsome and sexy actor, Nathan Fillion. Love the show and him.