‘slither,’ day four. [halloween moviefest, 2010.]

Movie #4 was chosen for one reason, and one reason alone… Nathan Fillion. However, that wasn’t the only reason to enjoy it.

This movie was the polar opposite of Brotherhood of the Wolf, whereas Brotherhood was unintentionally absurd and continually took itself far too seriously, Slither was very intentionally absurd, and never took itself seriously for a single, solitary moment.

An homage to B-Movies, it was really, really gross, and overflowing with visual gags to make some laugh out loud (i.e. me), and others cringe and look away. Somewhere along the way, it also turned into a brand new type of zombie movie.

Always over the top in the best possible ways, and with an R rating that let Nathan Fillion drop a few F-Bombs with the same perfect delivery he has previously blessed every other word in the English language with. Ah, what glorious fun that was.

My only complaint is that Slither should have done more of what it was doing. It could have easily been a full 30 minutes longer without stretching, simply continuing in the wonderful trajectory on which it was already set. I’m not sure if it was budgetary, or what, but there was quite a bit of unused potential here. Hey, maybe if we all buy the DVD we could convince them to reboot the whole thing with the same exact cast!

3 Responses to “ ‘slither,’ day four. [halloween moviefest, 2010.] ”

  1. love that movie, love Nathan !!!! Your movie fest sound stellar !!!

    • It is stellar! =)

      Too bad you don’t live out here in Seattle, you could partake. I mean, we’re no Nicholas Brendon, but we do watch awesome movies.

  2. So not cool that I don’t live there, most of my friends don’t love Halloween or Horror movies, but if Nicholas Brendon isn’t at the movie fest, I just can’t partake period … ha 🙂