‘an american werewolf in london,’ day five. [halloween moviefest, 2010.]

Finally, we get real werewolves, since Brotherhood of the Wolf wasn’t actually about werewolves at all.

Let’s keep this one simple.

The Good: Definitely the best werewolf transformation scene I’ve personally witnessed, especially taking into consideration that the film was made in 1981. I also really liked their mythology, they didn’t do much with it, but I liked the general werewolf rules here.

All of his crazy werewolf dreams were fun, original and unexpected. Always a good cocktail.

Also, I loved his visits from his dead friend, it was kind of like a warped Twilight Zone version of A Christmas Carol.

The Bad:

Maybe I was harder on this film because it is hailed and praised so highly, but the whole thing felt so abrupt. I never actually began to care about any of the characters, the lead performance was awkward and distracting, and it felt like they were trying to rush through the story much of the time. I’m in the minority in that opinion, so maybe I was just having an off night, and I certainly didn’t hate it, I just never felt connected enough to care about anything that was happening in the story… then BAM, it was over.

I’d be up for watching that transformation scene again though.

One Response to “ ‘an american werewolf in london,’ day five. [halloween moviefest, 2010.] ”

  1. towardeverywind

    I totally agree with you on the whole abrupt thing. All of the sudden, the movie was over. It just ended. There seemed to be no process of ending … just “the end”. Then, there was the whole full moons on consecutive days thing. There was the first full moon, and he turns. And then, the very next day, another full moon. And the characters even mention it being another full moon. How is this possible??? When has there ever been two full moons in two days?!