‘pontypool,’ day seven. [halloween moviefest, 2010.]

Last year, when we started the very first Halloween Moviefest, I hoped I would discover some scary[ish] movies that I actually liked. What I didn’t realize was that I would actually discover some of my favorite overall movies ever. I probably can’t rightly say that my favorite film from last year’s HWMF was Let The Right One In because Pontypool was every bit as good.

I kid you not, this movie is really, really good. Adapted by Tony Burgess from his own book, this Canadian film takes place on a cold February morning in Pontypool, ON, CA. We begin with morning radio host Grant Mazzy, on the phone with his agent on his way to work. He has an odd encounter with a woman on this dark, snowy morning, framing everything that is to come next. The entirety of the rest of the film takes place in the small church basement from which the radio station broadcasts as the scene of a zombie apocalypse unfolds in Ontario.

Through the accounts of listener phone calls, some surprise guests, a police scanner, and Ken Loney in the “Sunshine Chopper”, the events taking place outside slowly take shape for Grant and his two colleagues.

The film is smart, understated, brilliantly acted (Stephen McHattie’s delivery of every, single line is perfect, he carries the entire film), and has a wildly original and brilliant cause for the zombie outbreak that I’ll let you discover for yourselves. Seriously though, discover for yourselves. Watch this movie!

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  1. towardeverywind

    Just like we talked about, I found myself laughing at times, not because the movie is knee-slapping hilarious (there are funny parts, however. Many, in fact.), but because I was just enjoying the movie so damn much. It is an example of great and compelling storytelling & moviemaking.