Like every blog in the universe, we get lots of spam in our comments section from random bots trying to add links to sites. It’s a pretty awesome part of my day, going in to make sure all the spam is actually spam, because once in a while a real comment goes there by mistake. The reason it’s awesome is because often, the fake comments that are supposed to pass as a real reader’s thoughts on a post are utterly nonsensical. The better ones look like vague praise, a random “Great article!” thrown in with a devious link to a weight loss calculator. However, those are actually few and far between. Often, the comments are just a random string of words that has no possible meaning. I wanted to share today’s example of this with you.

Hello admin did you had old videos ? I appreciate clerical evolve for my dad …

The comment is so awesome, I almost allowed it to attach to the post. It’s such a universal feeling right? Who doesn’t appreciate clerical evolve for their dad?