the lists of 2010.

There are so very many reasons I’m a huge dork. A nerd, a geek… whatever word you prefer, I’m that. The reasons why continue to grow. My universe of nerdom is ever expanding.

Making lists is one of the nerdier things that I absolutely love. Doesn’t really matter what the lists are, but popular culture related lists are my favorite. Movie lists, music lists, sports lists, etc. I love ’em all! This reality makes late-December/early-January one of my favorite times of the year, because it is a time I use to make all sorts of “Best of the Year” lists for my own amusement.

Last year, the vast majority of the lists were movie related, and I had lots of fun making them. This year, those lists will be back, and there will be a bunch of new music related lists added to the mix. Even better, the music lists will all be joint lists with Brian.

We are hoping to get the first list up in the next day or so. Thus, I expect most of the internet to be sitting at their computer screen with bated breath, waiting for the joy to commence.

One Response to “ the lists of 2010. ”

  1. I might pass out because I am still holding my breath!