day five: a boy and his dog. [another day, another movie – post-apocalypse.]

Going into this one, I didn’t expect much. All I knew was that Don Johnson was in it, that it was supposed to be weird as shit, and that the main character was able to speak to his dog psychically. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t expect much, because I got less.

It’s got a big cult following, and was on most post-apocalypse lists I found. I cannot be counted as one of the film’s fans.

The film was erratic and poorly executed in just about every possible facet. Primarily though, my issue is that this is the most openly sexist movie I’ve ever seen. It was genuinely absurd. Call me crazy, but I prefer heroes who don’t rape women because they have a belief that women are human beings, not because they never get around to it.

Not that having flawed main characters is something I’m against, it’s more the way the subject matter in the film was depicted. The whole, ‘Haha, isn’t rape hilarious? That rascally tramp! ‘ thing was just too much for me.

**Spoiler Alert** Then, in the “twist ending,” Don Johnson’s character kills the female lead so that his dog won’t starve to death. Haha, isn’t that hilarious? Women are just conniving and seductive objects created to satiate our various apetites.


I assume that the content was treated with more nuance and irony in the book, but the film just didn’t get it done, so it came across as terribly sexist, uninspired, and boring.

Also, what was the deal with “The Underground?” A subterranean Topeka, Kansas where everyone wears clown make-up, there’s a 24-hour marching band, and even though there are no sun lamps present there are still trees and grass growing everywhere… what the fuck? Oh yeah, and when the security android is killing various teens for their treason, they just squat down and stare at him, waiting for him to come and kill them one at a time. Thus, even though said security android can only walk quickly and one could easily get away by running, the teens are all executed… one at a time… next to each other.

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  1. yeah, this movie was weird … weirdly sexist, and at times nonsensical. in the end, after what i’ve just mentioned, the only weird thing left is why so many people seem to like this movie. to each his own, i suppose … something scott didn’t mention that we talked about was the voice of the dog … awful. and what was with the radar blip sound every time he smelled women and/or trouble?