bridesmaids. [trailer park.]

In other Kristen Wiig news, here is the newest trailer for Bridesmaids.

I should have posted a trailer before, but haven’t yet. Time to remedy that.

The response to the trailer that it’s just a female version of The Hangover is fair enough, but people who have seen the almost final cut of the film at SXSW have reported that it’s good, and that it earns far more respect than just a mindless ripoff of previously trekked terrain.

I’m not going to lie, watching the trailer at the theater last night, when that little kid said he ate Saturday, I lost my shit. I don’t even know why, I just found it hilarious.

3 Responses to “ bridesmaids. [trailer park.] ”

  1. I want to see that!

    P.S. I was afraid last night you might not want to

    P.P.S let’s go see it!

  2. this looks so good to me! i was down at sxsw and really wanted to go to the screening, but alas, didn’t make it. i really love kristen wiig and maya rudolph – how can it go wrong??

    • Agreed! On all counts.

      But, sad you didn’t make the screening at SXSW. My wife and I were so jealous that you were there!