fright night. [trailer park.]

I barely remember the first Fright Night, almost not at all. However, I do remember that it’s the first movie I watched when I started differentiating some scary movies from other scary movies. As a kid, all scary movies went into the same category as things I was too afraid to watch because it made it impossible for me to be in the dark without having a nervous breakdown. Watching Fright Night against my will at a babysitter’s house was when I finally saw a movie and thought… ‘wait a minute, this is as funny as it is scary, and there’s loads of adventure in it. This is kinda awesome.’ Big breakthrough. It created a fascination with vampires that lived a healthy life right up until Twilight came out, it’s been sick since then, but I have a feeling it will be back strong everntually.

Impressions about the trailer:

1. I’m sad there isn’t more David Tennant in it, he’s only in one scene of the trailer, and even that is so brief you can almost entirely miss it. No lines even! However, his being cast in the film is reason enough for me to go see it!

2. WTF? Is this one not going to be a comedy? Or is the total lack of laughs in the trailer just classic terrible advertising for a film, something which is happening more and more often lately.

3. To be honest, if I can get someone to go with me, I’ll go see this either way. Because… you know… David Tennant.

One Response to “ fright night. [trailer park.] ”

  1. Looks pretty good actually. Thanks for posting, I had no idea they were remaking it.