movies. [five things. 6.30.11]

I’ve been blogging so infrequently of late. It’s sad. I miss it. I’ll try to do a few ‘five things’ posts this week to share some of what I’ve been enjoying. Here are five movies I’ve loved but haven’t had time to write about.

1. Somewhere

Sofia Coppola. I love so much about her work, but one of the things that stood out to me as I watched this film was that she writes and directs what she knows, with lots of stories about fame, wealth, being a celebrity, being related to a celebrity. Yet, that never results in doing the same thing over and over. She tells new stories set in the same world.

Somewhere was charming, the two stars were wonderful, and I loved the subtle revelation of what the title was really all about.


2. X-Men: First Class

Such a wonderful recovery from all that was terrible about X3. God, how I hated X3. 

A cool 60’s vibe, a sexy cast led by the always charming Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, and plenty of mutant fun. If there’s a sequel, it will be impossible for me to root against either main character.


3. Sullivan’s Travels

Part screwball comedy. Part love story. Part political statement.


4. Mary and Max

The story’s not quite as true as the poster would lead one to believe, but it’s still a lovely film. The tale of a young girl from Australia becoming pen pals with an old man in New York. It deals with relationship, love, and mental illness with humor and honesty.


5. Objectified

A documentary about industrial design. It praised so many of the things I love, and bitched about so many of the things I bitch about. It was fascinating, and I loved it.