capitol hill block party, day one.

I wanted to live tweet or facebook the Capitol Hill Block Party today, but my phone is over three years old and doesn’t hold a charge the way it used to, thus it died part way through.

I’ll share some thoughts from day one now. Forgive errors and incoherence, as it has been a long day of work and block party, the latter of which included lots of drinking, dancing, and close proximity to lots of weed. I’m not in my best form.

Anyway, thoughts:

1. People wanted to get in my pants. 

People must have been really high, because I was hit on by three different women and one man. I wish I could say it reflected on me, but somehow I think that’s probably not the case.

2. Favorite quotes from bands: 

“Make sure to wear sunscreen, because cancer is a motherfucker!”

-Fresh Espresso

“I’m really glad you’re all so drunk right now.”


“Last year we played here, too. We played at like noon at the Vera stage. This year we’re playing and its fucking nighttime, and we’re on the main stage.”

-The Head and the Heart

“This is really crazy that you’re all here for us. This is amazing. Don’t think this is lost on us.”

-The Head and the Heart

3. The Head and the Heart

There is something really beautiful about watching a local band come home as their star is beginning to rise in earnest. To watch them share their success with the people who’ve been supporting them from the beginning was really great. They even made sure to mention KEXP during the show.

4. Cults

I’ll be downloading this album as soon as I regain consciousness tomorrow. They’re really awesome.

Also, when we were hanging out earlier in the afternoon I kept seeing this guy walking around, and I was like, “I bet that guy is in one of the bands.” He was, he’s one of the two lead members of Cults.

5. Ghostland Observatory

I wish this show had lasted for six hours. When they come back, I will be seeing them again. Non stop dancing, bass, fog, sexy, and lasers. Half of the duo is a nerd made into a god by his ability to create ass shaking gold.

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  1. Great post!!! I just ordered tickets to see the Head & the Heart here in Boston! So pumped, because of you they’re one of my new favorite bands 🙂