I’ve been starting to make playlists for work, since lately I’ve been able to use my iPhone to make the musical selections. So far, I’ve made one playlist, which I really like, but I was also under the influence of sleeping pills, so it’s not the opus I someday hope to create.

Being a DJ was the first job I ever wanted. If I could afford the hours to volunteer at KEXP in the slim hopes of someday working up to getting on the air occasionally, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. During the summer when babysitters had to come over while my mom was at work, I used to use our record/cd/tape player in the living room to create an all day music mix for the sitter. Thus, picking music for a cafe full of people to listen to a few times a week makes me glad, especially when I get positive reviews in various forms.

So, I’ll share some of these playlists with all of you, via Groove Shark.

There are all sorts of hidden nuances and connections in the transitions, so if you notice any, share them. =) Some portions even tell a story, at least in my own imagination. Also, maybe there are some accidental ones in there that it would be fun to discover.

Sadly, there are a few songs that aren’t available on Groove Shark, and since I bought them on iTunes I can’t upload them. BS!

Said songs are: ‘Almost Like Being in Love’ – Nat King Cole, ‘Crazy Love’ – Van Morrison,

Some bands are on there twice, some bands didn’t make it but would have if I spent more time working on it.

Now I’m getting ready for the fall with a rainy day playlist, just in case I’m still working at Java Bean in Autumn.

Playlist #1, The Warm-Up. 

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  1. Great post, I grew up wanting to be a DJ too, I even ended up going to college for it and getting an associates degree, just no job. Always been a fan of doing mix tapes & cd’s myself,and even rainy day/Fall pylists. when internet connection is back up after Hurricane Irene I’ll deinitely check out your playlists 🙂

  2. Pretty awesome, Scott. My father-in-laws best friend has a similar desire as you. They both (my fil and Dave) love Do Wop music. On like 3 Saturdays a year, he goes to this tiny radio station does his own Doo Wop show. He loves it! I think someday you should try it out!

    Keep up the posting.