five things: a prelude to the lists of 2011.

October will soon be upon us. I’ll write that one more time to be certain it sinks in: October will soon be upon us! That means the time is soon approaching when, if I have the time, I’ll be making an assortment of lists to celebrate my favorite things from 2011. The movie lists might be pretty lackluster, because I’ve got a 2 month chunk in my year where I  barely remember anything, and didn’t have time to watch movies. Sad.

Music never left me. In part because I can listen to it at work. Also, because it was the only thing I could do to recover much of the time. Here are five things I’m listening to these days that will be on some of the 2011’s lists.


1. St. Vincent – Strange Mercy ($3.99 on Amazon mp3)


2. AA Bondy – Believers ($7.99 on Amazon mp3)

Listen to the album here.


3. Beirut – The Rip Tide ($6.99 on Amazon mp3)


4. Liam Finn – Fomo  ($5.oo on Amazon mp3)


5. Feist and Lisa Hannigan

These albums aren’t out yet, but the first singles combined with previous track record give me the impression these will be on the lists as well.

Feist – How Come You Never Go There – Listen Here. – Buy Song Here.

Lisa Hannigan and Ray Lamontagne – Oh, Sleep – Listen Here. – Buy Song Here


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  1. Nice list, I’ll have to check all this stuff out 🙂