the adjustment bureau. [trailer park.]

I’ve been waiting for this trailer for a while, and finally, here it is!

Sadly, the trailer presents lots of text which is formulaic, but trailers do that regardless of what the film has in store.

I am so there the weekend this comes out.

Granted, adaptations Philip K. Dick stories can be pretty terrible (i.e. Paycheck), but they can also be pretty fantastic, (i.e. Blade Runner, Minority Report).

Damon, Blunt, Roger Sterling… C’mon!

4 Responses to “ the adjustment bureau. [trailer park.] ”

  1. Emily Small

    Let me just say those two beautiful people in the movie is enough to make me see it. Granted Matt Damon is my “one of my five freebies”, and him in that hat has secured is his place at the top of the list! I

  2. towardeverywind

    The fact that they use John Murphy’s “Sunsine: Adagio in D” as the song for the trailer makes me want to this this movie all the more