kraken – china miéville. [fictionista.]

I loved this book, and yet it took me forever to finally get through it. The reason was mostly medication related, but I just couldn’t get myself to sit in one place and read/write/do anything. Well, I made some medication changes and flew threw the book’s final 300 pages like the I should have flew through the whole thing.

Billy Harrow works as a curator at The Natural History Museum, in London. One day, while giving a tour, he makes the discovery that, impossibly, from the middle of the museum someone has stolen a nine meter tank, thousands of gallons of brine-Formalin, and the body of a giant squid which resided within, without a trace. An impossible crime. That’s right before things start to get really weird.

Billy is then thrust into an occult London, filled with impossible characters and criminals. He must help find the missing squid, and hopefully avert a fiery apocalypse that will not only end the world, but will make it so that the world has never existed.

Unlike anything else you’ve read, unless you’ve read other China Miéville. Wildly imaginative, with a dark sense of humor. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for people like me I highly recommend it.





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  1. I’m glad you were finally able to finish it. And yes, you should pour everything into writing.

    I think that the more I expand and learn to live in and with imagination the more I would enjoy Mieville. Hopefully I can read him soon.