the bourne legacy. [trailer park.]

There will be plenty of people bitching about the continuation without Matt Damon, so I’m going to stick to the other side of the coin. My initial thoughts:

1. We’ll all miss Matt, but I can definitely get behind Renner as a new franchise anchor.
2. I’m really glad that they decided to spin off within the Bourne universe without bringing in a different actor to play Jason Bourne.
3. So far, I’m in.

One Response to “ the bourne legacy. [trailer park.] ”

  1. as someone who loves Matt Damon (he is my second husband after all), I think it’s good that the franchise is moving towards another actor, don’t want to kill the franchise. Jeremy Renner seems like the perfect guy for all the action. He has definitely proven himself as an actor in The Hurtlocker, and I can’t wait to see him as Hawkeye this summer!

    To Jeremy! (you are supposed to toast your glass there)