shai. [88 mph.]

Once one begins travelling down the road of memory, he quickly finds it to be a tricky one to get off of, because each exit has another delightful distraction. Yes, it might as well be a one way street. A one way street that is paved by YouTube.

I was so in love with Shai. I listened to and sang their songs, alone and with my little brother, countless times. Endlessly.

Their biggest hit, “If I Ever Fall In Love”, (for me, the a capella version is the only version) gets stuck in my head all the time, to this day.

And, “This is the Place Where You Belong”, from the soundtrack to the cinematic masterpiece, Beverly Hills Cop III. 

My ten and twelve year old self listened to these songs like hymns. Over and over and over.

God, I miss the soulful harmonies of 1990’s R&B groups.