the possession campaign of the gangster, killer joe. [an old school trailer park post.]

I’m really behind in sharing trailers that have intrigued me lately. Or, to put it more accurately, to share trailers for films that have been intriguing me as I’ve been waiting for the release of their trailers. Here are a few, just in case there are those out there actually getting their trailer fixes from me.


Gangster Squad

The cast is outstanding, but I’m a little underwhelmed by the trailer. I was hoping that once the premier trailer hit I would be super-excited for this one. So far, I’m in more because of my hopes for the cast, and because I know how terrible trailers can be at times.


The Campaign

Again, the trailer isn’t quite as good as I was expecting. Still, let’s be honest… I’m going to see this movie.


Killer Joe

It could be one of those films that’s so obsessed with being edgy, troubling, and violent that it forgets to tell a compelling story, or be otherwise interesting. Or, it could be like Drive, in that I can’t help but love it in spite of the troubling violence. History seems to be in favor of the former, but only time will tell.


The Possession

Scary, ‘kid possessed by a demon’ movie. Normally, these films are uninspired drivel, but the inclusion of Sam Raimi gives me reason to hope it will be a smarter, better crafted addition to the sub-genre.