the impossible. [trailer park.]

The Impossible is an upcoming Spanish made, English language film. I have mixed feelings about it.

I like that it looks like a compelling, well-acted film. I was moved by the trailer alone. I also like the fact that many of the key creative folks are alums from the film The Orphanage. 

I don’t like that the story they tell, to appeal to historically small-minded western audiences, has to be one of a white family torn apart while on vacation. All that tragedy, and it still appears we will only care about this family because they are white, which makes them more important than all those 227,898 people who died.

That’s knee-jerk though. The film could handle that really well, using the true story of a family westerners can more easily relate to in order to give us a window into what actually happened to the actual people of Indonesia (and Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand). I’m just skeptical whenever if appears we are being quietly racist, because it happens all the fucking time.