video love.

I haven’t been around much lately, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. I’d like to eventually get back into a rhythm of posting, but that definitely won’t happen until 2013. How is it already six weeks from 2013?!?

Anyway, for those of you who have this on an RSS feed, here are some videos I’ve been enjoying to hold you over until I’m back in full swing, and filling up your feeds with all sorts of lame shit I love.


1. Dumb Ways To Die

Here is a creative ad for safety awareness on the Australian Metro. Also, as far as videos that are all about death go, it is definitely the cutest ever.

[via Vulture]


2. House of Cards

It’s no secret that Netflix has been getting into the original content game. I think it started with Lilyhammer (which I haven’t actually seen), you’d have to count the upcoming continuation of Arrested Development, and from all accounts they plan on expanding in pretty audacious ways.

One show I will definitely be trying on for size when it airs next year is House of Cards. With a pilot directed by David Fincher, the show stars Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara (wee-ow!), and Robin Wright. Netflix has already given the green light on two full seasons (13 eps each).

Here is the trailer!


3. Lover of the Light

Idris Elba directs and stars in a Mumford and Sons video. What else needs to be said?


4. Möbius

Jean Dujardin being all brooding and intense and whatnot. I’m looking forward to learning more about this one.


5. Now You See Me

There’s probably a pretty fair chance that it will be hackneyed and cliché. Yet, I really like the cast and I always hold out hope that a heist film will be well-executed because they can be so damn fun when they are.


6. Hitchcock

Only a few more days!


7. The Central Park Five

This is going to be a tough watch. Also, Ken Burns is a freaking genius (with a consistently terrible haircut).


Still so many great videos to share, but every post has to end some time.