Today was a full day, which didn’t leave much time for blog writing. Yet, I had to do something to keep the daily blog challenge going. I guess I could have just let the trailers be enough, but that feels like cheating for some reason. Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone has ideas for a blog post series or weekly posting theme. Maybe something brand new, maybe something I used to do that they’d like to see resurrected. Figuring out what to write about every day will soon become a challenge at times, and it would be helpful to have extra form inspiring content. Yeah, if you could go ahead and tell me what your ideas are in some form or another, that would be great.

6 Responses to “ feedback. ”

  1. How about telling everyone what sources you use to pick out your ‘to read’ list? How do you organize it? How do you accumulate the books? How do we all find a nice librarian wife? What’s so nice about Seattle, anyway? Pictures of your dogs?

  2. What about music favorite concerts you been too who you would like to see lika bucket list of bands

    • Yeah, thats a really good idea. I haven’t been to a show in a while and I really miss it. This could be a really great way to get rolling again. =)

  3. Sports. I think that either leading up to opening day or starting with opening day for the next year so u can get all sports u do the best for the start of the season and the worse for the end of the season sports movies of all time. See if u can find some strange sports seasons to challenge yourself in looking for movies. Like college lacrosse movies

    • Good idea! I start trying to brainstorm what that might look like. It’s time for ‘Another Day, Another Movie’ to make a return anyway.