things i want to do in 2013.

I suppose April is a bit late to start sharing the stuff I want to do in 2013. Better late than never? Every year I make a list of stuff I want to try to do over the course of the year, that way I can look at it from time to time to offer me some motivation to get cracking on my goals as the months pass by.

Some are purely story based, i.e. movie or book related. Some are more concrete and harder to accomplish. They aren’t vague resolutions, like “Get In Shape!” Instead, they are specific, like “Run a 10k” and “Run a 24 Minute 5k.”

I’ve decided to share the list with you, because that will add a bit of added impetus to get this stuff done. Some are personal, but whatever, here’s to throwing caution to the wind! I think I’ll offer more specific updates eventually, and go a bit deeper into a few, but for now, here is the list so far:

  1. Read 52 Books [As of this writing, I’ve read 14.]
  2. Finish My Integrative Project
  3. Complete My MDiv
  4. Watch 250 Movies [I’m behind on this one, 62 as of this writing.]
  5. Find a Way to Afford Therapy Again
  6. Start Blogging Consistently Again [Check!]
  7. Finish ‘Trigger Fiction’
  8. Run a 24 Minute 5K
  9. Run a 10K [Did this for the first time last week.]
  10. Try to Publish Something
  11. Finish Writing a Novel
  12. Organize The Basement [It was in rough shape, but I’ve made really great progress so far!]
  13. Come Up with a Legit Halloween Costume, Also, Attend or Host a Big Halloween Party
  14. See 36 Movies in the Theater
  15. Actively Work to Get Medicated [In process, but there’s definitely been an improvement!]
  16. Attempt Karaoke
  17. Get Weight Back Into the 160’s
  18. Buy a New Suit
  19. Master Five Cocktails, Along With Their Common Variations
  20. Run An Officially Timed 5K
  21. Work Full-Time [Conventionally or Unconventionally]
  22. Complete Two+ DIY Projects
  23. Host Six Parties and Six Dinners
  24. Leave the Continent [We’re going to Scotland and England with Em’s family in July.]
  25. Finish Patronizing All Downtown Ballard Restaurants

There are a few things I want to add, things related to concerts and whatnot, but for now, there is the 2013 To Do List. I also made one for my 30’s for my birthday last year, so I’ll share that one soon, too.


2 Responses to “ things i want to do in 2013. ”

  1. Love your goals! I think goal-setting is awesome and whether you achieve all of them or not you are continuing to “improve” yourself (in whatever capacity you choose). I didn’t know you were getting your MDiv! Good luck with all your endeavors!

  2. this is a sweet list, and a great idea. thanks for sharing.