random items.

Even blogging every day, there is stuff I haven’t gotten around to sharing. Here are three things I want to share, some from recently, one from today. I’ll slip these things in here under the wire, and throw some more belated stuff up in coming days.

The National’s new music:

The new album doesn’t come out until fricking May 21st (the same day as Daft Punk), but, at least they’ve released two streaming songs to hold us over.


Catching Fire has a teaser trailer:

Color me excited!


The Way, Way Back Trailer:

Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) and Nat Faxon (Kip from Orange County), the guys who co-wrote The Descendants, are back again with a great cast, and a movie I wish came out tomorrow. Have I mentioned how much I love Sam Rockwell?

3 Responses to “ random items. ”

  1. a) i do love me some the national. although not in concert, oddly.
    b) can you believe i have yet to read or see any of these hunger games entries?
    c) can’t wait!! although sam rockwell kinda grosses me out ever since “confessions of a dangerous mind” which i just plain didn’t get.
    d) i love this font.

  2. Scott –

    I was going through my bookmarks, saw http://www.rousedtomediocrity.com and thought “that sounds familiar…”

    I then realized that this was the site I got into a pretty deep flame war with you about Inception contrarians in 2010: http://rousedtomediocrity.com/?p=1119

    A trip down memory lane to say the least.

    In all earnestness, let me congratulate you on maintaining your blog, continuing to rave about shit you think is awesome. Many do not have the diligence to stick with it, and, despite our flame war, you seem like a dude I’d enjoy hanging with and talking movies, music, pop culture and the like.

    I promise to not get overly argumentative again, but I’d be interested to hear whether or not you think Inception withstands the test of time now that a few years have passed.

    • Hi, welcome back!

      Feel free to make yourself at home and stick around.

      I still really appreciate Inception, although I haven’t seen it in a few years. It’s funny, I actually just talked about it like two days ago, because some friends and I were talking about how, at their best, genres and sub-genres are languages for telling a story, and how much meaning can be drawn from the conversation that happens as people interpret a genre, and I mentioned Inception as an example of doing a variation on the ‘heist’ film.

      I agree we’d probably have quite a bit of fun talking about pop culture. I haven’t looked at that argument since it happened, but I remember you offered a list of movies you enjoyed over-against Inception, and I remember liking just about all of them. What sorts of things have you been into lately?