let’s procrastinate with trailers!

I haven’t been blogging at all lately, because I am way behind on the master’s project I need to complete to graduate in June, and I needed to turn that into a full-time job for a bit. I’m still doing that now, but everybody needs to distract themselves from time to time. One of my favorite ways to do that is to watch movie trailers.

Since my friend Cris said the other day that she really enjoys how many trailers I post, I figured it was time to share some of the trailers I’ve been neglecting to post over the last week or so, to share the things that have been joyously distracting me with the rest of you, in case any of these have escaped your notice thus far. These are the highlights, there are a few more I might share the next time I need some distraction.


Much Ado About Nothing

A new trailer for Much Ado About Nothing. Did you know that in Elizabethan times, ‘nothing’ was slang for ‘vagina’? Oh, Shakespeare, you clever rascal.

How much more sure could I be that I’m going to love this movie? None. None more sure.



The Bling Ring

When Sofia Coppola releases a new movie, I’m watching it no matter what. Throw in Emma Watson, and the certainty just solidifies all the more.



Mood Indigo


Finally, a trailer for the new Michel Gondry movie for those of us who aren’t cool enough to know French. I should really learn French.

This movie looks like it is going to be delightful, and heartbreaking. Welcome back Mr. Gondry. 


Pacific Rim


The new trailer for Pacific Rim begs the question… will I be able to take Charlie Day seriously after how perfectly hilarious he’s been all these years on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

I really want this movie to be awesome.


Man of Steel

Everyone has probably seen this by now, it’s the newest trailer that came out about two weeks ago.

I held off on watching it for a while, to delay gratification a bit. Had I know how amazing it was going to be, I would have watched it right away. Instead, it was a treat before seeing Oblivion. It moved me from reservedly excited, to just plain excited.