e3 is in full effect.

You should watch these even if you aren’t into gaming, if only to see where the wildly popular medium is headed. It continues to grow as a beautiful visual medium.

Ori and the Blind Forest

This game looks so gorgeous, and I wish I’d been in the room for this launch trailer.

ori and the blind forest


The Division

This trailer is satisfyingly cinematic. If it was a movie, I’d go see it.

A third person shooter that utilizes an open online world, meaning your action will pit you against AI and other players, but with a larger scope than just ‘load map, shoot other players, repeat’. This looks like something I could actually get into.

As a bonus, watch a gameplay trailer here that shows the sort of awesome co-op fun to be had.

the division


No Man’s Sky

From the very little I know, this one could be the gamechanger in the next gen story. The beautiful indie [!!] game is entirely open world for exploration, and will continue to grow, leaving a veritable universe to be discovered.