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i will be right here waiting. [the many lists of 2011]

That’s right, losers. Richard Marx lyrics. Now that song can be stuck in the heads of anyone old enough to remember it.

Anyway, last year’s ‘most excited’ list was remarkably hit or miss. This year’s probably will be as well. To keep that at least a bit more under control, I’m only going to do the first half of the year, with another list to come heading into July.

Also, as always, there will be great movies I just don’t know about yet, so if you see a glaring omission, holla at’cha boy.

First off, the movies I am undoubtedly excited about, to varying extremes.


1. Chronicle – February 3rd

Seattle. Super powers. Salisbury Steaks. Okay, so that last bit was just for alliteration. However, Seattle and supes is enough to get me excited, even if the found footage thing is a little (or a lot) old by now. Movies like the original [REC] show the medium does have life in the right hands. Let’s hope that’s the case here.


2. The Secret World of Arrietty – February 17th

Screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki. That’s all that needs to be written. Case closed.

Okay, so he didn’t direct it. Still, I’m in.


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The end

believe the hype.

Folks, Toy Story 3 is legit. I guess we should expect nothing less from Pixar, but damn, where do these folks come from?

I was a little worried, a three film run is usually too much to ask when it wasn’t originally conceived as a trilogy or serial, but this is the best of the three. It was a fitting and emotional way to end the story they began 15 years ago. (Although, it isn’t quite the end.)

It really was amazing. A near perfect movie.

Also, be warned, as my friend Josué pointed out, 3D glasses don’t work as well through tears.

Go see it!!

The end