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amulet, vol. 1. [things i’m thankful for #21.]

Read this the other day. I loved it. I’m excited as to where it might go from the first volume, there are four out so far. My friend Dave told me about it a long time ago, and I just finally got around to reading it. I love the art, I love the magical world that Kibuishi is creating, I love his willingness to allow dark things to happen to his young characters.

If you’ve ever read the Bone series and enjoyed that, you should check these out. If you’ve never read Bone, do that, too.



five things i’m thankful for. [#16, 17, 18, 19, 20]

I’ve been gone for a few days, eh? I’ve even considered placing the blog on an official hiatus since only four people read, but for now I am going to keep plugging away purely for my own benefit, which is probably the point, anyway. To be honest, I’m in a lot of pain right now, battling depression to the greatest extent I ever have, which is really saying something. That makes it really hard to be thankful for things, but I’m going to try, and hopefully I won’t get fired from my job before I can get healthy enough to be a real person again, or at least half a person.


#16. Take Shelter

This movie was stunning. I could feel it, even through the pain of recent days. Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain were revelatory, giving performances of tremendous nuance and beauty. It was also, for its flaws, such a beautifully healthy marriage, which you  almost never see in film. (Although, the trailer makes it seem like that’s not the case.)

The themes of mental illness and isolation in this movie, as well as the worry about becoming the same as a mentally ill parent, hit so close to home. Yet, it was comforting instead of overwhelming to see themes I feel lately projected before me.

One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time, while never giving away too much at one time. I wouldn’t  be able to set up the film as well as the really well-crafted trailer lays it out, so just watch that if you’re curious:


#17. The Gods Themselves – Isaac Asimov

“Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.” – Friedrich Schiller

A brilliant book by the man with the most prolific science fiction writing career of all time. His grasp of issues was way ahead of his time, in so many ways.


#18. Community

A new episode may never air again, but I’ll always cherish the seasons we have. Until it is officially cancelled (it’s still just on hiatus, right?), it’s my favorite show on television.


#19. Jeremy Lin

I’m a Knicks fan. Have been since my emergence from the womb. So, obviously I love watching this story unfold. This kid is electric.


#20. Emily

My wife is the best. That’s all there is to it.


wonderstruck. [things i’m thankful for – #15]

Brian Selznick, who previously brought us The Invention of Hugo Cabret, has done it again. Another beautiful book, dealing with many of the same themes as his first big hit. Thus, this is a book about the desire to find family, belonging, and purpose in a confusing world.

The story of a young boy’s quest to find his father, and a young girl’s journey to find a place where she belongs. It’s a book written for me, and, “the millions of other people waiting in the dark for the lights to come back on.”


the bourne legacy. [trailer park.]

There will be plenty of people bitching about the continuation without Matt Damon, so I’m going to stick to the other side of the coin. My initial thoughts:

1. We’ll all miss Matt, but I can definitely get behind Renner as a new franchise anchor.
2. I’m really glad that they decided to spin off within the Bourne universe without bringing in a different actor to play Jason Bourne.
3. So far, I’m in.


monte oton. [things i’m thankful for – #14]

My friend, Josué, was complaining about the font on the Las Rocas bottle. I agree that it is a tragic choice, but I stand by the fact that the wine is absolutely delicious, and well worth the bottle. However, if you just can’t see past ugly bottles, then here is another amazing, cheap wine that has a pretty (or at least, prettier) bottle to enjoy while you drink.