community. [photogenic.]

Community is back tonight. Let the people rejoice!! Well, we’ll be rejoicing in my household at least.

Thus, this week’s photogenic is in honor of my favorite charming underachievers.

Side note, it’s remarkable when I waste time on the internet looking for these pictures how complete the dualism between photography of male vs. female celebs is. The men are so often looking dapper and intense, while the women are mostly naked and sultry. Now, I love dapper intensity and naked ladies as much as the next guy, but it gets a little ridiculous at a point.

Also, if you’re a person of color, good luck getting pictures taken of you. It was decidedly harder finding pictures of Danny Pudi and Yvette Nicole Brown than the rest of the cast, even though she’s been in the business for much longer than all but Chevy Chase (and that’s not meant to be a comment on her age, she’s just more accomplished than her Google image search gives her credit for).

Also, remember when Chevy Chase was young? Of course you do.

Sheesh, too much writing for a photogenic post.

See below.