Jenny Lewis [photogenic.]

Jenny Lewis is adorable.

The other day I had “Handle with Care” stuck in my head … I mean, it played over and over in my head as if stuck on repeat. I was just thankful it was actually a good song … anyway, after a while I realized  that the voices singing were not those of Tom Petty, Roy Orbison et al, but the voices of Jenny Lewis, M. Ward, and Benjamin Gibbard (that’s right, I called him Benjamin). So, you not only get a super cute picture of Ms. Lewis herself, but also her covering the aforementioned song with her own “supergroup”.

I feel like Jenny Lewis was the crush of every indie boy nationwide … that is, until Zooey Deschanel crashed the scene and started giving those same indie boys wet dreams. Both are hot in their own way. Jenny’s still got it, if you ask me.

And now for the song, as promised …