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Colbert, Kyl, and Planned Parenthood or, Wine Coolers, Strange Beds, and Duckie Mobiles

Stephen Colbert, as everyone now knows, is incredibly awesome.

He is more proof (as if we needed any) …

(couldn’t embed, so here is a link)

Proof. Awesome, awesome proof.

I suppose when you are tossed a big, fat meatball right down the middle of the plate in the form of “not intended to be a factual statement”, it is hard not to hit it out of the park. In this case Colbert absolutely demolished it. Oh, and then there’s the whole Walgreen’s thing. W. T. F. My goodness … do these people hear what comes out of their mouths??? But thank God for them, their stupidity, and thank God more for Stephen Colbert!


Childish Gambino – "Freaks and Geeks"

We’ve already written about him many times, and have pointed to his awesomeness. He needs no real introduction. Via his Twitter account, @MrDonaldGlover, Donald Glover, aka, Childish Gambino announced that he has an EP coming out in March. He released the track listing … and oh yeah, he leaked one of the tracks. It is straight dope, dog. Ha, but seriously, it’s some of his best work all around. The beat is fresh and minimalistic, his lyrics and wit are as sharp as ever, and his flow is amazing. You can see the track listing, cover art, and listen to the track, “Freaks and Geeks” by clicking on this link



History of Rap

[ Via Paste Magazine ]

They call it the awesome of the day, but this would be awesome every day.

In this video, we have French beatbox master Eklipse work his way through a history of rap, using only his insane beatbox skills … I can’t say anything else, just watch the awesome below …



My Favorite Books I Read in 2010 (aka, I didn't read enough last year)

Scott is a machine when it comes to consuming media of different types. And I don’t mean mindlessly consuming media like some idiot who watches primetime CBS. He consumes, and critiques. He delves into it … looking through a pair of finely tuned lenses. You all have seen the brilliant stuff he’s written on here about everything from Kanye to China Miéville, and many things in between … why am I saying all of this??? Well, for one, to kiss his ass because I don’t have a non-music list up yet, but the other reason is to comment on my own lack of consumption … especially when it comes to books.

Last year, I read maybe ten books. Maybe more. But not many more. Luckily, because I live with such well read, lovely people, the quality of these books was high to quite high.

So, here they are, my three favorite books I read in 2010 … (apologies for overlap with Scott’s list)

1. The Book ThiefMarkus Zusak

I suppose in some twisted way, it makes sense that a book that is so painfully human is narrated by Death.

Like Scott, I wept and sobbed tears of the bittersweet variety over the last thirty pages or so. The way Zusak employs the theme of duality, both of people and of words, is breathtaking. The book is so filled to the brim with truth. In the end, when I did find myself sobbing at the pages, it wasn’t so much because of tragedy, but because the hope was so overwhelming in the midst of tragedy. Read this book!

2. No Country for Old Men – Cormac McCarthy

I read four of McCarthy’s works last year: the above mentioned No Country …, The Road, Blood Meridian, and a play called “The Stonemason”. Each word, each paragraph, page, chapter; each book I read, further cemented Mr. McCarthy as one of my favorite authors. To be honest, the choice of No Country was completely arbitrary. Any of his works could be on my list. Scott already spoke of the sparse writing style McCarthy uses in The Road, and it is no different in No Country. Most of us have probably seen the Brothers Coen adaptation on the silver screen. Yes, they are brilliant filmmakers, and it certainly helps when the story you are adapting is so perfectly written. Chigurh’s menacing, stoic demeanor jumps off each page. The tension is perfectly built. McCarthy wrote one of the most terrifying villians in literature in the character of Anton Chigurh.

3. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter – Carson McCullers

I have already written about this book a bit here. But I want to reiterate a few things.

You know when you read something, watch something, see something that so intensely resonates with your soul that you cannot shake it for weeks, even months? That was this book for me.

It’s a book about searching. A book about learning and understanding yourself. The struggle to be understood by your peers. This is what I got from it, ultimately: we are all very different. We come from different places, backgrounds, experiences. We may never see eye to eye on certain things. We may never resolve differences that may exist between us, but when it comes down to it, we are all people. We are all lonely at one time or another. And maybe it is that longing that will always bring people together despite their differences. Maybe I missed a point that was devoid of hope … but I’ll stick with hope.


Epic. Meal. Time.

So I know the gauntlet has been thrown down by Scotty, and my book list from 2010 is forthcoming … but this couldn’t wait …

The evolution of the cooking television show. Julia Child. (Washington’s own) Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, Emeril, Rachael Ray, along with a plethora of others. In fact, the market is damn near oversaturated now, if not there already. The problem is, a lot of them are the same. These chuckers are all cooking the same shit.

Well, the gangstas over at Epic Meal Time, are cooking up something very, very different. These motherfuckers cook shit you ain’t never thought of … because these douchebags aren’t chefs, they’re just a bunch of dudes … from Canada.

Presented for your approval: Epic Meal Time.


Thank God for HBO

Something to look forward to in 2011 now that we have HBO …

[funnyordie id=eff3f22410 width=512 height=328]

And the return of this:

[funnyordie id=ef668caf14 width=512 height=328]

And then, of course, there’s everything else that makes HBO awesome, too.


Kid Cudi – Maniac [feat. Cage & St. Vincent]

Driving home from work on Sunday night, I tuned into KEXP here in Seattle, to catch the last bit of the Sunday night hip hop show. So glad I did. This is the song I was treated to …

I love his use of St. Vincent’s “The Strangers”, plus, how awesome is the album cover? Cudi’s new album, “Man On The Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager” drops today, and if this track is any indication, it should be some hot shit.


Jenny Lewis [photogenic.]

Jenny Lewis is adorable.

The other day I had “Handle with Care” stuck in my head … I mean, it played over and over in my head as if stuck on repeat. I was just thankful it was actually a good song … anyway, after a while I realized  that the voices singing were not those of Tom Petty, Roy Orbison et al, but the voices of Jenny Lewis, M. Ward, and Benjamin Gibbard (that’s right, I called him Benjamin). So, you not only get a super cute picture of Ms. Lewis herself, but also her covering the aforementioned song with her own “supergroup”.

I feel like Jenny Lewis was the crush of every indie boy nationwide … that is, until Zooey Deschanel crashed the scene and started giving those same indie boys wet dreams. Both are hot in their own way. Jenny’s still got it, if you ask me.

And now for the song, as promised …


Alexandra Lawn of Ra Ra Riot [photogenic.]

(via Soundcheck Magazine, © Randy Cremean)

Just wait until you see her move on stage … hot damn!

I saw Ra Ra Riot back in February of 2009 … they were my first show in Seattle as a resident of this fair city. Scotty and I were looking at t-shirts … well, he was looking at t-shirts, I was busy looking at the girl selling the shirts. She was already intimidating enough, so it was game off, but once I found out she was the cellist in the band, it was game over … needless to say, I don’t think I said a word to her, before or after the show. Still, their live show is fantastic … as evidenced by the videos below … one is from the in-store they played at Easy Street Records in Queen Anne at the beginning of last month, which two thirds of us at Roused attended. The second was also recorded in Seattle, and is just a favorite song of mine …