Epic. Meal. Time.

So I know the gauntlet has been thrown down by Scotty, and my book list from 2010 is forthcoming … but this couldn’t wait …

The evolution of the cooking television show. Julia Child. (Washington’s own) Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, Emeril, Rachael Ray, along with a plethora of others. In fact, the market is damn near oversaturated now, if not there already. The problem is, a lot of them are the same. These chuckers are all cooking the same shit.

Well, the gangstas over at Epic Meal Time, are cooking up something very, very different. These motherfuckers cook shit you ain’t never thought of … because these douchebags aren’t chefs, they’re just a bunch of dudes … from Canada.

Presented for your approval: Epic Meal Time.

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