AMC is ruining my life.

Having trouble sleeping over the last week? Are friends and family members expressing concern about your limited eating habits and the desire to board up all doors and windows in your house? Are you spending every waking hour cowering in the corner, clutching a weapon and mumbling about ‘the walkers?’
You aren’t alone, my friend.

On Halloween night AMC did the unthinkable: they aired the premier episode of ‘the Walking Dead,’ a show depicting our unavoidable future struggle against the undead. To make matters worse, the second episode just aired this Sunday and Americans across the country are panicking in silence – afraid to be vilified for their perfectly natural inclination to survival. Well, I’ve had enough. The time for action has arrived.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to prepare alone. After doing some research, I’ve discovered the Zombie Combat Club. According to their website, they are an ‘open civilian group dedicated to providing accurate combat theory and education to fight the walking dead without a firearm, and survive.’ This jives well with the fact that I haven’t got any firearms immediately available to me and, frankly, we’re all going to run out of ammo eventually, right?

Of particular interest is a new feature on their blog that discusses the use of hand-to-hand combat in the show. The initial reaction that I had to ‘the Walking Dead’ was a mixed feeling of awe and paralyzing fear, but these guys at the ZCC seem to have taken it in stride – and they’ve got a point. If we’re going to all be forced to tune in to watch AMC’s latest prediction of our doom, why not use it as a primer on how to handle ourselves when the apocalypse finally begins? This week, they discuss the use of the baseball bat and how physically exhausting it can be.

While I’m not looking forward to one day facing down shuffling hordes of corpses hungering for my flesh, at least I can look forward to getting play-by-play analysis from the experts on ‘the Walking Dead,’ and maybe learn some non-fiction lessons from some fictional mistakes.

Zombie Combat Club
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2 Responses to “ AMC is ruining my life. ”

  1. towardeverywind

    it’s seriously one of the best shows on television already. I still need to finish up the last three volumes before the show moves past me.

    good to have you back … i hope your stay this time around is an extended one.

  2. The pilot of this show is the equivalent of one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen. This show is amazing.

    Also, I’m really excited to check out this new resource for learning how to survive when the undead shit hits the fan.