what to buy me for christmas. [seven things. 12.1.10]

Hm, I see that look in your eyes. You look worried, apprehensive, even a bit nonplussed. You don’t know what to buy me for Christmas, but you aren’t sure how to ask. Well, fear not, the mere fact that you want to buy me something for Christmas at all is charming. You’re so sweet!

I have decided to help you out, here is an entire post, a seven (because seven is the perfect number, making this the perfect list) things post, where I tell you exactly what sorts of things I like. You can take this information and simply buy me something off of my list, or, you can use the list as inspiration to buy me something similar. Also, feel free to use this list to buy things for other loved ones. My taste is pretty awesome, and regardless of who you are buying for, your kids, your pets, your spouse, your grandma… anyone would love to receive any of the gifts on this list. It’s universal.


1. Number one of my list for a reason. I am in love with this print… I want a copy for every room in my house, and maybe two for the bedroom.

Buy it here.


2. I already linked to this during the Halloween Moviefest, but it is worth linking to again.

Buy it here.


3. Fucking Boba Fett sneakers!!

These had a limited run, and it was a while ago, so good luck finding them.

Buy it somewhere??


4. Alt Movie Posters

These things are like hipster movie lover crack. I’m a sucker for them.

You can find some of my personal favorite designers of said posters here, here and here. Also, here.


5. Jawa Lawn Gnome… this list makes me look more like a Star Wars fanatic than I remember being.

Buy it here.


6. A Doctor Who keychain, specifically the Sonic Screwdriver. Unless you know someone who is selling their old Tardis, this is the closest I can come to actually being Doctor Who.

Flashlight form works too.

Buy it here: Keychain. Flashlight.
7. The National

Would someone be willing to look into how much it would cost to put them on call at all times. All I really want is to know that whenever I’m in the mood for a National show I could just give them a call and get my fix. That would be really great, thanks!

4 Responses to “ what to buy me for christmas. [seven things. 12.1.10] ”

  1. You ass! why did you post this after I told you I already finished shopping for you?! Though, some of those gifts are awesome, and I have fully acknowledged your many not so subtle hints about the Dr. Who keychains.

  2. Yes! I’m so stoked you are into Dr. Who now! Although if you want an awesome Dr. who thing get this:


    We keep washcloths in it. So now Meg knows what the TARDIS is and that thats where she goes when she needs cleaned up. Seriously it is awesome.

  3. […] been watching the reboot, and as evidenced by its appearance in my “What to Buy Me For Christmas” post, I’m totally hooked now. Series Two is what did it. David Tennant is so awesome […]