movies in theaters. [things i want to do in 2013.]

Already, some of you lovely folks have offered to help out with some of the things on my list. I will most definitely be taking you up on those offers, many times over.

In that spirit, one of the primary places I could use some buddies is in the theater-going habit. Perhaps it seems silly to create a goal pertaining to how many movies I will go see in the theater, but I like it. Going to the movies the old-fashioned way is something that easily slips through the cracks, something that I seem to let slide and won’t do for months at a time. However, I also know that when I finally get there, it is good for my soul.

Seattle's Cinerama
Seattle’s Cinerama

It was first at movie theaters as a kid where I fell in love with movies to begin with. There is a magic in sitting in community (especially when one is fortunate enough to be graced with a great co-audience), as the lights go down and the previews roll that cannot be recreated in the living room, no matter how great the home entertainment system. Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeThe Little MermaidJurassic Park, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights are among my early theater memories, adding extra power to the movie-watching experience. As far as audiences go, I know there are films I enjoyed more because of how great the folks in the theater with me were. It’s pretty great when you find yourself watching a movie with a few hundred other people who get the same subtle jokes and love the same moments. Wonderful.

Anyway, it’s a lot harder to get myself to the theater when I have to do it alone. I’m way behind the needed pace to see the 36 movies I aim to see. I’m not against going to the movies alone, but it is far easier to get my ass to the theater if I have partners in crime.  

So, are there able-minded folks out there willing to join me in some movie joy?

Here are ten movies coming up in April and May that I want to catch in the theater (not including films that came out before this weekend):

  1. Trance
  2. Upstream Color
  3. 42 
  4. To The Wonder
  5. Oblivion
  6. Mud 
  7. Iron Man 3 
  8. The Great Gatsby 
  9. Star Trek Into Darkness 
  10. Before Midnight